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The rules and animes that people can write for will be on the first page as well as how i will be judging it. In one of the levels, their genders are reversed, and the most perverted will turn. The author being a fan would give a new perspective on the series focus on madness. In the last chapter in the book of eibon, maka is transformed into a boy. Frequently used tags mods are chaoticlivi, katlizabeth, fabulousanima, epicminion, makapedia.

I never said that i was a witch, you just assumed that i was. The hell inside your head, a soul eater fanfic fanfiction. Maka and soul eater have failed this task once by mistaking the soul of blair the cat as a witch and could not bear to fail again. During this time, everyone is able to sort out their feelings towards one another. Whenever maka had a nightmare, shed sneak into souls room and. How the copy came to be or whether its contents are accurate, i do not know. A curious young boy named franken comes across the book of eibon one day and falls under the effects of the. However, some of the characters can have more definitions attributed to them than others. Soul eater eibon soul eater mosquito soul eater hiro soul eater. Giving into one of the sins within eibons chapters makes them give into madness and become part of the book of eibon itself. Maka loves her weapon soul eater evans, but does he love her, too.

Even though she had only been there once, she would recognize the book of eibon. When the nightmares were bad enough the other would wake up because of the. If you do not like this kind of thing please do not hesitate to move on to another story. Genderbending in eib ons inferno i hadnt noticed the alice in wonderland thing, just as well you talk in your sleep. Soul has always been protective over maka and sometimes this leads to awful nightmares, but this one is not like the others this is a soma fanfic.

Its worth noting that the book of eibon is a reference to h. Xd this is actually one of my newer ideas for him i had others, but this one was just begging to be written. Maka explains that, at the time she checked out the manuscript copy of the book of eibon, she recognized she was breaking dwma rules, hence hid her identity by. Some comments from ragnarok and maka herself suggest that makas soul is quite. I will be holding an anime x reader oneshots contest.

An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Created to maintain peace, the academy trains meisters and demon weaponspeople who take on the form of a weaponto defend humanity against evil. Cotton candy nightmares by starshearted cthulhucorp. Death the kid from the book of eibon, maka hadnt been able to sleep in her own bed. Soul loves his meister maka albarn, hes just not sure if she loves him back. We nightmare you chapter 1, a soul eater fanfic fanfiction.

I stood in the death room with lord death, stein and the other death scythes. Soul eater soul eater fanfiction death the kid soul eater au inhibitions fanfic monkeywrites theres one picture i have for this tag search inhibitions on my blog if ya wanna see it i just had a big mood about wacky ooc kid made kinda to play with my headcanons about kidreapers long post sorry mobile users. Maka alban est une jeune fille reflechie en conflit avec son pere, et elle a pour arme soul eater, une faux demoniaque. I just finished the book of eibon arc and its amazing at how much more mature he is compared to any point in the anime. The thing has teeth, is pulled out of nowhere by noah, and kid who up until this arc has not been fazed by anything very much. I am really just a cat with a ridiculous amount of magical powers. Death city is home to the death weapon meister academy, established by shinigamithe grim reaper himself. However, kids friends venture into the book of eibon to save him and destroy noah in the. Upon inspecting it, he noticed that it was not pressed against the wall like he had expected. I do not own soul eater or its characters or its ideas or anything.

Battle resonancewrought your weapon into a death scythe in the fighting game soul eater. Being the creator of the book of eibon, eibon was capable of imbuing the book with magic that exposes and enhances ones sin within the seven deadly sins in accordance to their personality. I recently began reading the soul eater manga and i was struck at how different black stars characterization was from the anime. This story is a minor romance between two boys soul eater evans and death the kid its going to be mostly adventure.

When an attempt to use the book of eibon goes catastrophically wrong the meisters and weapons find themselves trapped in another world. This is my first soul eater fanfic, and, of course, it had to be about shinigamisama. Works a couple days a week at the death city mcdonalds. Arachne is out for vengeance against lord death, and is using soul eater to extract it. She helps out at the death city library on weekends. Both soul and maka had always suffered from nightmares. Soul eater fanfiction archive with over 20,651 stories. I thought this would be a fun thing to do since we are all stuck at home.

There will be a little love between the other characters also. Soul eater fanfiction chapter two life without her soul. Or more accurately, the copy of the book of eibon stored in the academys archives. I noticed that there were a lot of fics with maka having a nightmare about soub, but what if soul has been having nightmares of maka. It is also a continuation of soul and kid go on a honeymoon to australia which means its also a sequel to death the kids soul scythe. So basically, moomincore but make it anime from 2010. Mar 31, 2016 in soul eater, a character is likely to have demonstrated at least one of these definitions in order to earn the right to be called a badass. Actually, it wasnt that he felt uncool, he was terrified. Okay, silly, i know, but i like it for the lulz andor potential nightmare fuel.

After defeating the kishin, maka, soul, and the rest of the gang decide to kick back. Soul tries to fight it, but when maka starts to hang out with kid more and more, will soul find it in him to fight arachne, or will he let her hatred overcome him. The premise is that in the book, there are challenges and levels to face. It was like a strange sort of twisted nightmare, only it wasnt a nightmare. Has anyone read an amazingly well written soul x maka fanfiction. Dessa vez, 14 participantes vindo diretamente do universo dos animes e mangas competirao em uma terra marcada por sua mitologia e por seus herois.

Thin gnarled fingers picked up a book, adding it to the bundle of toys. Normally it was maka who would have nightmares, most of them concerning him being cleaved in two, or dying, or both. Though the actual book is nowhere to be found and i am not foolish enough to go looking for it, not now when everyones just starting to recover from asura, the dwmas library does have a copy. Eibon had always told him his handwriting was like chicken scratch. Oct 27, 2018 a blog for collecting and promoting soulxmaka fanfiction.

Not a fixit swearing giriko put the book down justin at some point. Problems begin to rise as confessions are made and secrets are told. Battle resonance, find 99 souls born from the egg of the kishins and one witchs soul. The conceit of this fic is to explore the recovery process by applying this bit of moomins lore to soul eater. Sounds more like a backstory for a fanfic than anything else. Everyone goes to that library more as soon as shes hired, even soul goes and checks out a few books bc of her.

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