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A fist had connected with her cheek and she staggered back from the force. Fanart, naruto, haruno sakura, uchiha sasuke, deviantart, fanart from deviantart, uchiha clan, uchiha sarada, owlberightthere resta a casa al sicuro. Sakura rolled her eyes before she pushed his arms away. Sakura started sputtering how had he obtained her katana. Sakura was betrayed by her socalled akatsuki family for a new girl. Herself, sakura haruno, a brain if you ever met one. Sakura had gotten into the bingo book when she had reached jonin, like. Haruno sakura, senju tobirama, senju hashirama, uchiha madara, uchiha izuna, the modern konoha. No sasuke sent us after you because youre an evil angel ino yelled back, naruto coming to stand beside ino. You have every right to be mad i would be mad at me, too. She sweet and your just jealous that shes better than you. However instead of ending up in its original form, kurama finds herself stuck in the infant body of sakura haruno.

Hell, sakurachan even slapped him for hurting sasukekun too munch. Ever since sasuke had left everybody called her weak and useless even after her training with tsunade they still called her weak and useless, the only friends she had left were sai and hinata. He was now kind of like a little brother to her but he was still annoying at times though. Post up your fanfiction here for all to ooh and aah, or just put up ideas or requests.

The spirts of kurama the kyuubi and sakura haruno are sent backwards in time. For some reason she did enjoy the fact that she felt bad anyhow. Sakura uchiha, uchiha sakura, nee haruno is a kunoichi of konohagakure. She closed her book and then, without looking at the. Saisaku is the het ship between sai and sakura haruno from the naruto fandom.

Gin was the predominant drink in the united states during the prohibitionera 1920s and many variations were created. In which a blunt, and eccentric oc is placed into the body of sakura haruno at the start of the series. If you post fanfiction that is not your own, say so or else face the. Fanfictions haruno sakura the way of naruto fanfictions. She leaves for 2 years, living a new life and making new and real friends.

She is a chuninlevel kunoichi of konohagakure, a talented medicalninja, and a member of team kakashi. The heartchanging blossom chapter 1 found, a naruto fanfic. When sakura is betrayed by her bestfriends she and her family move to suna. However, after training under the sannin tsunade, she overcomes this, and becomes recognised as one of the greatest medicalnin in the world. The blonde male stood in front of sakura as she sat on a benchtheterrible, goddang benchwhile attempting to read a book. Sure, the talk had been brutal and made naruto really sad for a few days, but it had been effective. She was reading one of her books and didnt have time to smile as she blushed while. Sakura turned around to see karin, along with ino, temari, tenten, and hinata.

Her hand paused as it started to turn another page. Sai eventually betrayed the team for his true mission and ignored. When sakura gets betrayed by her most precious people, who will she turn to. Those damm villagers had even blamed him for the fact that the uchiha. As gin, abovementioned, was the predominant drink, many variations were created by mixing cheap grain alcohol with water and. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Lady sakura haruno esta feliz con su vida tal como es. Betrayed in a way she never thought possible, sakura haruno takes refuge in a place full of murderers and assassins.

Sakura is the only child of mebuki and kizashi haruno. Sakura haruno is the tritagonist of the naruto manga and anime series and one of the main supporting characters in the boruto. May 30, 2019 pixiv id 5349159, naruto, haruno sakura, sasori, sandaime kazekage, bandaged legs stay safe and healthy. Sakura haruno is a bright and energetic ninja of the hidden leaf village, and a member of team 7 as their medic.

No flaming, constructive criticism encouraged, yadda yadda yadda. The anbu shook his head, grabbing sakuras arm and roughly pulling her up. Sakura was initially pissed off when he called her ugly. After sasuke had left, then naruto when he had been gone for 2. Now that she has to reorient herself, she also opens up other paths that she has so far successfully ignored. Bathtub gin was developed in response to the poorquality of alcohol that was available at the time.

Sakura awakens in the time of the founding of the hidden leaf, unknowing how she got there or how to get home, the only clue she has other than missing memories is visions of the rabbit goddess, kaguya. Sakura mouthed an o before she made a move to get up from the bed. Only reason why the second story is femkyuubi is cause of his spirit being in the body of sakura haruno. Sakura and sai first met when the latter was assigned to their team in order to replace sasuke.

This is a community for all of us who enjoy the dirtier side of naruto fanfiction, whether it be yaoi, yuri, or het. Sakura haruno has had a perfect relationship with a perfect man for half a year. When assigned to team 7, sakura quickly finds herself illprepared for the duties of a shinobi. She is now the wife of sasuke uchiha and mother of sarada. However, she later tried to be openminded towards sai but punched him when he insulted sasuke.

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